About us

Developed, designed and made in Germany.


NUMERICS GmbH is a consulting engineering company. For government agencies and industry, we offer a variety of engineering services and software products for defense and safety-related tasks.

Our expertise lies in

  • Threat Definition and its Analysis
  • Weapon Effects Modeling
  • Blast and Impact Effects Analysis
  • Blast and Impact Resistant Designs
  • Structural and Mechanical Engineering under High Dynamic Loadings

Our activities in engineering services contain contract research, numerical modeling with hydrocodes and FE-codes, and the development of material models. For our software products SPLIT-X, PS3D, FI-BLAST, SPEED and MAP, we offer professional training and support by the tool developers.


NUMERICS’ employees have a wealth of experience in the development and application of analytical and numerical methods. We offer a broad range of services, consultancy and support designed to meet our clients’ needs, including technical training and support, specialist software development, and turnkey analyses for research and development.

Building up on a profound understanding and experience in physics-based numerical modeling, NUMERICS develops software tools required to accomplish specific design and assessment tasks. These tools are then used – either by our customers of by ourselves – to obtain reliable solutions to even the most challenging tasks in weapon (effects) and safety engineering.

Therefore, we are in permanent contact with universities and research institutions to enhance our software solutions and numerical simulation models. So we ensure that for our physical and engineering tasks and developments we always apply modern technologies and the state-of-the-art in scientific research. In turn, we also lecture at universities and share our knowledge and experience with students and researchers.

Our vision:

Be the leading developer of defense related analysis software.

Our mission:

Supply leading-edge analysis software and services to defense industry and government agencies by making the latest methods and technologies even better.

NUMERICS is active in the following areas:

  • Development and distribution of engineering and scientific software
  • Engineering services
  • Contract research and development

Some of our past and current research has been published in open literature. An overview over our contributions to journal articles and conference papers can be found in our publication list.

Our customers are amongst the leading companies of the defense and automotive industry.
The unique performance of our sophisticated software products is based on

  • an easy to use graphical interface,
  • a continuous improvement in close cooperation with the customers, and
  • a wealth of experience of our software developers in the application domains.

Expertise in Defense Engineering:

Detonating warhead development and optimization

Assessment of the effects of detonation and combustion

Terminal ballistics performance evaluation

Test planning and pre-test analysis, test evalvuation and post-test analysis

Safety analysis for explosive events

Structural response of effector and target to high-dynamic loading

Research and Development:

Tailored software solutions for engineering applications

Advanced material modeling based on thermo-chemical, micro-, meso- or macro-mechanical approaches

Conceptual design of novel active and protective systems

Development of structural designs to mitigate the effects of blast and impact


NUMERICS was founded in 2004 by Mr. Ernst Rottenkolber, a physicist who by that time had already spent more than 20 years in defence engineering. Starting in Mr. Rottenkolber’s private home, the company moved to larger premises in Petershausen in 2005.

Initially serving only a few specific customers in Germany, the quality and reliability of NUMERICS engineering services and software was soon recognized all around the world. In 2014, for example, Mr. Rottenkolber and Dr. Hartmann (NUMERICS), together with Dr. Arnold (MBDA-TDW), received the Neil Griffith Award for the most significant contribution to shaped charge technology awarded by the International Ballistics Society for their work on axially switchable modes warheads.

Today NUMERICS is involved in several national and international projects and is serving industrial and governmental customers in more than 20 countries around the globe.


    Industry, research institutes and government agencies around the world rely on our software solutions and engineering services. By pursuing a problem-solving approach with each customer, we help to manage complexity and to speed innovation. Thereby, confidentiality is a matter of course.