Customized weapons effects and
lethality / vulnerability analysis softwares

MAP (Modular Analysis Package) is a „unit assembly system“ for customized weapons effects (WE) and lethality / vulnerability (L/V) codes. Based on customers‘ specific requirements, tailored software solutions are assembled from various existing modules for the modelling of different threats and the analysis of their terminal effects on different targets as well as for result output.

relatively short project time tested and proven models


MAP customizations can build up on or combine the following basic modules:

Shaped Charge Analysis Module

EFP Charge Analysis Module

Projectile Penetration Analysis Module

Fragmentation Warhead Analysis Module

Blast Analysis Module

Terrorist Attack Analysis Module

Missile Defence Analysis Module


For all MAP modules a series of different specifications are offered:

Target geometry definition (STEP, BRL-CAD, k-file, etc.) 

Fault-tree modeler and analyzer for V/L analyses

Parameterization (threat, target, encounter)

Monte Carlo simulations and gridded analyses

Target model add-ons (explosive reactive armor, masonry wall generator, etc.) 

Behind armor debis (BAD) calculation

Precursor modeler and analyzer

Augmented results output


More about MAP

The general approach to modeling and the different MAP modules are described in more detail in the MAP product presentation (.pdf or .ppsx).

For further information and customer consulting please contact us.



MAP is for use on PC systems running under all current Windows operating systems. It can be licensed for one or more parallel applcations in a network environment.
Due to the customization, MAP is only available with a paid-up license for perpetual use. 

Restrictions for MAP:

Modules may be subject to export control

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