Contract Research

Based on the application of our analytical or numerical tools, we take over specific tasks in the product deveopment process:

Design of prototypes

Innovation is our business and NUMERICS has already contributed to the development of several modern warhead systems. Based on customers’ technical and performance specifications, NUMERICS participates in or takes over the conceptual design of prototypes – from traditional shaped charge to novel multi-mode warheads.

Design of research or development experiments

Experiments are a highly valuable but also an expensive part of the R&D process. It is thus vital to avoid failure and to exploit the experimental results to the highest possible degree. NUMERICS advises on experimental setup, supports its customers in the selection of instrumentation and determines flash and trigger times in pre-test simulations.

Evaluation and interpretation of experiments

With its special inhouse evaluation software, NUMERICS assists in the evaluation of experimental data. From witness plate evaluation over shaped charge jet characterization form FXR pictures to the investigation of anomalies in high-speed videos – NUMERICS offers automated and highly reliable data extraction, evaluation and interpretation of customers’ experimental results.

Vulnerability Analyses

Within the context of product development, we also analyse the vulnerability of buildings, vehicles and ships against all kinds of explosive devices and ballistic threats and, if necessary, develop tailored solutions for increasing their protection level.