Fast Analysis of Blast and Fragment Loaded Structures
for Structural and Safety Studies

FI-BLAST supports the rapid structural analysis of vehicles and buildings bearing the loads of blast and fragments from high explosive charges. FI-BLAST uses a projectile and blast interface files to create time histories of stress boundary conditions applicable to surfaces of finite element models of structures. FI-BLAST also offers vulnerability or safety analyses with the determination of hit probabilities or fragment densities even inside or behind structures.


FI-BLAST has the following areas of application:

Determination and evaluation of loads on structures from blast and fragments generated by user-defined (rotationally symmetric) cased or uncased explosive charges

Calculation of pressure-time-histories for finite element analyses of the investigated structures in SPEED or LS-Dyna

Terminal ballistic analyses of fragments effects (penetration depths, residual velocities and masses of fragments)

Parametric impact analysis with user-definde fragments or projectiles

Determination of safety ranges for blast and/or fragment effects

Vulnerability analyses for the identification of potentially unsafe areas of a structure or within a scenario


FI-BLAST offers a series of unique features:

3D Gurney-Method for the calculation of fragment velocities

Initial blast field including casing effects and anisotropy due to warhead geometry

Fragment transferred momentum, gravity and drag by air taken into account

Ground reflections considered

Substantial material library for explosives, casing and target materials

Monte Carlo (M/C) analyses

Extensive post-processing features

More about FI-BLAST

For more information about FI-BLAST please download the
FI-BLAST information sheet (.pdf) or the FI-BLAST product information (.pdf or .ppsx).

The current version of FI-BLAST is v1.2.3.
The release notes can be reviewed here.

A demo version is available for interested parties.
Please contact us.


FI-BLAST is for use on PC systems running under all current Windows operating systems. A single-user license may be leased on an annual basis or purchsed as a paid-up license for perpetual use.

Please follow the link to review the License Agreement.

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