Software Products

Leading-edge analysis software for industry
and government agencies


SPEED (Shock Physics Explicit Eulerian/Lagrangian Dynamics) is a multi-material Eulerian / Lagrangian hydrocode with explicit solver technique for the analysis of nonlinear transient problems of shock and impact physics in 2D and 3D.


SPLIT-X is an expert system for the rapid design of fragmenting warheads, warhead design optimization and the analysis of the effects of blast-fragmenting warheads.


PS3D is a software tool that is designed to simulate and evaluate the penetration of deformable but non-eroding projectiles into a variety of targets like steel, sand or concrete.


FI-BLAST is a suite of software tools that support the rapid structural analysis of weapons‘ effects on vehicles, buildings or other structures.


MAP (Modular Analysis Package) is a „unit assembly system“ for customized weapons effects (WE) and lethality / vulnerability (L/V) codes. Tailored software solutions are assembled from existing functional modules and adapted to customers‘ specific requirements.

Rules to maintain the high quality of our software products:


All programs have an intuitive, easy-to-learn graphical user interface to facilitate the ease of use and to reduce the teach-in phase.


NUMERICS Software products are designed to deliver a maximum of accuracy at a minimum of computational time. 


All software programs are extensively verified and validated by data known from open literature.

Continual Improvement

NUMERICS Software products are continuously developed further.  NUMERICS is in close contact with universities and research institutions to  ensure the application of modern technologies and the state-of-the-art in scientific research.


NUMERICS is the exclusive developer of all software tools. Sales and marketing are carried out by NUMERICS or by selected and qualified regional partners.


NUMERICS provides training courses for all software products. The offered courses are generally conducted by the developers themselves.