Design and analysis of fragmenting warheads

SPLIT-X is an expert system for the design and assessment of fragmenting warheads. Natural or controlled fragmentation of an explosive filled casing can be studied with SPLIT-X. In contrast to complex finite element codes, SPLIT-X is based on analytical procedures and engineering approximations which are calibrated by experimental results. Therefore, the tool requires relatively little computing time and provides the results within a split second.


SPLIT-X can be used for various applications in defense engineering:

Design and optimization of fragmenting warheads

Arena test layout

Calculation of input data for vulnerability models

Design of structural elements to protect vehicles or buildings


SPLIT-X applies several unique algorithms and models:

3D Gurney-Method for the calculation of fragment velocities

Models of multiple and/or asymmetric initiation

Mass and shape calculation of natural fragments

Optimization based on design constraints and performance requirements

Material library (explosives, casing materials, etc., user expandable)

More about SPLIT-X

For more information about SPLIT-X please download the
SPLIT-X information sheet (.pdf) or the SPLIT-X product information (.pdf or .ppsx).

The current version of SPLIT-X is v5.4.4.
The release notes can be reviewed here.

A demo version is available for interested parties.
Please contact us.


SPLIT-X is for use on PC systems running under all current Windows operating systems. A single-user license may be leased on an annual basis or purchased as a paid-up license for perpetual use.

Please follow the link to review the License Agreement.

Restrictions for SPLIT-X:

SPLIT-X is subject to German Export Control.

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