Simulation of high-dynamic processes and events

SPEED (Shock Physics Explicit Eulerian/Lagrangian Dynamics) is a multi-material Eulerian / Lagrangian hydrocode with explicit solver technique for the analysis of nonlinear transient problems of shock and impact physics. The software offers a maximum of computational speed as well as superior stability and accuracy. With its highly efficient algorithms, SPEED offers a maximum of computational speed at low memory requirement as well as superior stability and accuracy.

The intuitive graphical user interface and the innovative functionality of SPEED additionally facilitate both model setup and post-processsing of the results. SPEED offers an easy-to-understand geometry modeller with visualization during input as well as an integrated CAD module for modeling or import of arbitrarily complex geometries. SPEED further provides a variety of functionalities for the evaluation, further processing and illustration of the simulation results. Thereby, all results and graphics can easily be transfered to other applications like MS Excel or Word. Furthermore, SPEED includes an extensive material library with validated material models and more than 250 parameter sets for a multitude of materials.


SPEED is an analysis tool for modeling various problems in the field of nonlinear dynamics of gases, fluids and solids. SPEED is used for test planning, pretest prediction analysis, post test analysis, test reports, and more. Typical applications are:

Detonation and blast propagation

High-speed impact and penetration

Shaped charge design

Internal detonation and combustion

Structural integrity

Underwater detonation


SPEED offers a wide range of simulation capabilities

Multi-Material Euler solver (2D Cartesian, 2D rotational symmetry, 3D)

Ideal gas Godunov solver (3D Cartesian)

Lagrange solver (2D Cartesian, 2D rotational symmetry, 3D)

Lagrangian contacts (Hancock, Petrov / Galerkin)

Adaptive mesh expansion / translation

Mesh activity control

Mapping (2D – 2D, 2D – 3D and 3D – 3D)

More about SPEED

For more information about SPEED please download the
SPEED information sheet (.pdf) or the SPEED product information (.pdf or .ppsx)
The current version of SPEED is v4.3.2.
The release notes can be reviewed here.

A demo version is available for interested parties. 
Please contact us.


SPEED is for use on PC systems running under all current Windows operating systems. It may be leased on an annual basis or purchased as a paid-up license for perpetual use. Various licensing options are available for SPEED ranging from single-user to enterprise network solutions.

Please follow the link to review the License Agreement.

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