Expert System for the Penetration Simulation
of 3D Trajectories

PS3D is designed to simulate the penetration of non-eroding projectiles into a variety of solid targets like concrete, sand, soil, aluminum, or steel. PS3D calculates a projectile’s three-dimensional trajectory, the penetration depth or the exit velocity.
Additionally, bending stresses / deformations and acceleration data are calculated in the PS3D analysis. This provides the information required to assess a possible failure of electronic components or or the penetrator itself.


PS3D can be used for penetration related applications in defense engineering:

Analysis of penetration performance and penetrator trajectory

Evaluation of penetrator structural integrity

Analysis of penetrator deceleration during penetration

Mission planning

Design and analysis of protective structures


PS3D applies several unique algorithms and models:

Structural model of the pojectile to calculate stresses and plastic deformations

3D acceleration and spin rate sensors

Force law model for concrete including the influence of aggregates and reinforcement

Extensive post-processing capabilities

More about PS3D

For more information about PS3D please download the
PS3D information sheet (.pdf) or the PS3D product information (.pdf or .ppsx).

The current version of PS3D is v2.0.11.
The release notes can be reviewed here.

A demo version is available for interested parties.
Please contact us.


PS3D is for use on PC systems running under all current Windows operating systems. A single-user license may be leased on an annual basis or purchased as a paid-up license for perpetual use.

Please follow the link to review the License Agreement.

Restrictions for PS3D:

PS3D is subject to German Export Control.

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