Training Courses

Seminars, training, workshops

Is there a demand to improve your employees’ skills in applying our products? Is there a need of deepening your knowledge in the respective subjects? NUMERICS offers individual training courses and seminars.

The training courses can be conducted either directly on-the-job, in your company, externally or online.

Our employees have several years of experience in adult education and far-reaching technical know-how.


Contact us – we will gladly prepare you an individual offer.

Software training

NUMERICS offers training courses on all our software products. All courses are tailored to the customers’ specific needs and can either include the whole field of applications or be focused on single aspects. Also the underlying theory can be included. Training courses are generally conducted by the developers.

High speed dynamics

Additionally, NUMERICS offers seminars on different aspects of high speed dynamics and shock physics. Thereby, the seminar contents can be individually focused on the participants’ specific needs and their state of knowledge – from the phenomena of dynamic material behavior to transient impact processes.

Structural protection

Based on many years of practical experience in the field of infrastructure protection, NUMERICS also offers a seminar on problem orientated structural protection. In this seminar an overview of possible threats to different facilities is given and guidelines for the planning of objects at risk are disscussed. These guidelines comprise the first considerations like positioning and construction geometry as well as important aspects of design, choice of construction materials or solutions for constructional details.